Launching of the MSG website in Suva, Fiji

You can watch the video of the launching here: This images was taken during the launching of the MSG website which I developed and launch at the Holiday Inn, Suva, Fiji. I am also part of the Vanuatu Delegation to MSG Summit in Suva, Fiji.
I reside at Elexir Hotel and goes to implement and incubate the website at Vale Ni Bose. Fiji is an exciting place to visit and stay. It offers diverse opportunities for education, employment and recreation. They also have a very high level of protocol which treats the MSG summit as unique and hospitable

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Static Web Pages vs Dynamic Web Pages

How a static web page works?

When you build a static web page(sometime know as “Flat page”) you deliver a static file to the server. These commonly have an extension known as htm and html.

It then returns the file content, which is purely text over the http connection to the browser.

Also take in mind that a static web page can contain dynamic programming languages like javascript and actionscript. Javascript is a client side scripting programming langauage and PHP is the server-side scripting.
The only difference is that a static web page does not have the extension php or asp. For example, a static web page is index.html and a dynamic web page is index.php.
A classic example of a static web page containing hardcore Javascript and actionscript programming language is This website is very hard for a person with limited knowledge with HTML, CSS, and programming language skills to edit it.
Unlike Joomla and other CMS where a person without any web design and web development knowlege can in just a day and master skills. An example is
Don’t get confuse!
In today’s CMS, you might be confuse as some as dynamic web pages contataing .html extension showing on their URL on the browser window whereas their on their actual source is a.php or.asp.
Well this is because generated dynamic pages have unfriendly URL so an web application had been created to allow a display of friendly URL’s.

They are saved as text files on the web server disk. When a browser makes a request for a static web page, it sends the request over to the http protocol, request is received through the web server and the web server retrieves the page from its web server disk.


1.The browser makes the request through the HTTP protocol and it is receive by the web server and instead of opening the text from the disk

2.The HTTP dispatch the request to a piece of software known as the application server

3.The applicatoin server receives the request and interprets the request

4.And it executes a script, which might have references to a database or other server side resources

5.After doing it’s work it then generates it reponse in the form of HTML

6.This generated HTML is then send back to the browser over the HTTP Protocol. From a user point of view it looks exactly like a static environment.

Understanding Browsers, Servers and Databases

The World Wide Web consist of many clients and servers connected together over the internet.

The Internet uses this technology called TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol)(Internet Protocol) and resquests and response are sent between clients and servers using a variety of protocols. Classic web pages are requested and received through the internet using a protocol called Hper Text Transfer protocol(HTTP).

This is the standard protocol used to communicate between web browsers and servers on the World Wide Web (www).

Examples of internet protocols are;

1. SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an internet standard protocol for electronic mail (e-mail) transmission across Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

2. DNS – Domain Name Server is the web server name translate as to HTTP supports requests and responses between a client and the web server.

HTTP permits intermidiate network to enable or improve communications between clients and servers. High traffic website often benefit from web cache servers that deliver contents on behave of the original, so-called origin server to improve response time.

– Browsers makes a request and the – Server returns the requests On Personal Computer, you need a browser to participate on the web. When a request is sent over the web, it is receive by a computer running a piece of software called HTTP server. Common version of this HTTP server include;

– IIS ( Internet Information Services) used both in Windows and Mac for free – Apache, a free http server product that can be installed in many OS such as Mac, Windows and Linux – ColdFusion

Usuability Test

A website is built for your users to view the kind  of services and information your are providing.To be really sure that you are providing something that grasp your users interest and attention, you have to understand them.

In other words understanding your audience is the solution to answering your users needs and satisfaction.

That’s when usability testing become handy. Usability is a just a word and become alive when you action or implement it’s principles. Executing a usability test is fulfilling the goals of having your website online.


By gathering information of all aspects of your users, you can find out what they need and therefore what needs to be done to your site to gather for the needs. It also helps you redesign your site and what experience you can deliver as a next level.

  1. User profile– by collecting information about the age, gender and income of your users you can redesign your site as much as possible to commonly deliver services at level best suits all age groups, and income levels. Understanding your user profile will help your to identify the information level, grammar level (particularly it’s content), visual level and it’s loading level (income). By finding your users income you can optimize your site, getting rid of unnecessary contents and graphics, your page width, your page height and others.
  2. User Scenario– You need to identify how your users psychological side of accessing your site. Their attitudes and personality is a very constructive influence to contribute to rethinking your site’s structure and incentives.
  3. Contextual Inquiry– This type of research is stem from studies like Social Research, Ethnology, Anthropology, but we are not talking about it to that academic level. However, in web development the keyword here is ‘context’ we meant to take a snapshot of our users life.

By fully understanding the above we can create sites interfaces and web applications. that creates a friendly environment for our users to make life easier.

Thus, we can be assured that what we are putting on our site is actually doing what we expect. Now we can be smiling about productivity and the energy we have to keep our customers and reputation

More will be coming up on how to test usability test.

To close out, I will give your a chance to download this presentation: here

This world

The Virtual world is a very interesting place. It’s full of good and bad things. It’s about connectivity and emerging power of technology. The virtual empowers individuals to collaborate like never before. Virtually, the world is not round, but flat. Flat in a sense that you do not need to physically spend 1 month, like early explorers to go around the world.

Going around the world virtually is like cooking an instant noodle. This empowerment through technology drastically cuts costs, saves time and money and leverage other burdens for your days work.

On the worst part of it is that the power of technology may promote terrorism like never before. Influential extremist will utilize this platform to brain wash individuals on terrorism ideology. Terrorist will boost connectivity like never before. In other words, we ourselves through improvement of technology breeds and maximize terrorism productivity. The more we advance in technology, the more terrorism advance in their networks. Nowadays, terrorism had been institionalized by taking advantage of the technological connectivity improvements.

I am begining to see a new rise in mass production of ideas and situations to stimulate a global governing system. Our traditional government is not the solution to our global crisis. If globalisation is a strategy to solve global issue then a global government should be establish to fulfill this cause. BUT again we are seeing here a fulfill of prophesy in the Bible. Today, we tend to think that our governing system is robust and effective, we feel like we are independant and strong, we begin to think like having a ship big as Titanic is indestructible. We should remember destruction is in front of us each time we move closer to accomplishment just like Titanic.

Anyway, back to the virtual world! Please move on to my other pages.